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You’ve witnessed the inspiring work of urban youth worker Javier Reyes in our mini-documentary, “Black Boy Joy” (below). But now it’s time to look at Jav’s story from a different angle and through a different medium—photography. ⁣

Further depicting Javier’s life as an urban youth worker and the societal plagues of his environment, check out the debut installment of our photo essay series called “STOP. LOOK. & LISTEN.”

Javier Reyes – “BLACK BOY JOY”

This mini-documentary captures phenomenal Urban Youth Worker Javier Reyes who works on the streets of San Francisco. Javier delivers hope in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, and innocent youth being gunned down in the streets.

Vanessa Cruz

This mini-documentary captures phenomenal Urban Youth Worker Vanessa Cruz. In this particular film, Vanessa helps care for an immigrant family by providing the children meals and prayer support, as the parents deal with complicated immigration matters.


We come alongside urban youth workers to host events that impact their youth. FIERCE 2019 event helped girls learn how high they can fly!

90 Degrees Urban Ministry Certification

We currently work with 7273 Urban Youth workers that are in our leadership process. We want that number to double in the next 5 years. We will do that with leadership tools like our 90 Degrees Certification program.